Are you getting the most out of your favorite apps?

Here’s an Apple Notes tip I shared on Threads and X yesterday:

If you use Apple Notes to take meeting notes and you write down meeting action items using the checkbox feature, this is a really handy way to make sure you’re not dropping any balls.

As you can see, this tip resonated with people. Just like another Apple Notes tip I posted recently, about how to quickly link from one note to another:

Whether or not these tips are relevant for you, they do pose a question:

Are you getting the most out of your favorite apps?

If not, perhaps it’s time to dig into Apple Notes, Apple Reminders, OmniFocus, Things, or Todoist.

And by the way, is it just me or does it feel like a transition period right now? Perhaps it’s because those of you in the US of A got to enjoy a long Memorial Day weekend last week. Or because those of you in Europe are getting close to the summer holiday season. Or maybe it’s more personal, as I’m about to head back to Europe for the summer myself.

Either way, this transition from week 22 to week 23 of the year 2024 is a great time to do a little productivity tune-up with one of my video courses. 97.6% of students who left feedback on one of my courses would recommend the course to a friend—and if that’s not enough to convince you it’ll be a great use of your time, I don’t know what is!

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