Eliminating distractions, apps to check out, new OmniFocus features, and more…

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In lieu of writing a mind-bending article that will instantly transform your life, today I’ll point you to a few existing resources and new videos.

I’ll be back next Sunday with earth-shattering words.

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Which course should you take next?

If you could use a little help with your organization and productivity, I offer a range of courses to help you out.

If you’d like to get on top of your to-dos, start with taking one of my task management courses. You can read my guide to the best to-do apps and take my free mini-course Which Task Manager is Right for You? and then enroll in my course on the app of your choice.

Once you have your day-to-day productivity under control, it’s time to think bigger. Together, we can clarify your high-level goals and priorities and translate them into action with the method that I call Big-Picture Productivity.

Finally, if you use Apple devices and you’re thinking, “I really need to do something with all these notes and other documents that are coming at me”, then Organize Your Life with Apple Notes might be right up your alley.

Three random little apps that are great

For working with people across multiple time zones, the (Mac) app Clocker can be a lifesaver. If you’re going out (or going on a trip) with friends and want track who spent what, get everyone on Splitwise. And if you’ve ever wondered how color blind people (like me; I have protanomaly) see the world, check out Chromatic Vision Simulator (for iPhone or Android).

New features in OmniFocus 4.2

The Omni Group recently released OmniFocus 4.2. OmniFocus 4.1 only added support for Apple Vision Pro, so 4.2 is the first feature update to OmniFocus 4. What’s new? Let’s take a look.

And if you’re thinking, “hey, OmniFocus looks like it could be great for me”, but you’re not sure how to set it up, then check out my brand-new course Organize Your Life with OmniFocus 4.

Eliminate distractions with Apple’s Focus Modes

Do your (Apple) devices often distract you while you’re trying to get work done? If so, you need Focus Modes. They can turn your devices from distraction magnets into productivity machines. Here’s a video on how to make that happen:

I’ve also prepared a free Focus Modes cheat sheet for you. Check out the video and the cheat sheet and see whether you know the ins and outs of this handy feature.

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